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Transportation Services From Orlando Airport(MCO) To Port Canaveral Cruises

Orlando to Port Canaveral Limo Service

One of the best parts of preparing for a cruise is the anticipation. The privacy, the extravagance, the activities, the cultures – every Port Canaveral Cruise is its own amazing experience. But before you can step onto the cruise, you need a way to get there with all of your luggage.

Backstage Limo offers premium, high-quality luxury car services to help you arrive at port comfortably and in-style. We are frequently called to offer an alternative to traditional shuttle service from airport and Port Canaveral, helping cruise passengers start their journey in a way that is fun and comfortable for the entire party.

Our friendly, professional drivers are very familiar with the route from any of the airports in the Orlando area and will get you to your destination quickly while you relax in one of our roomy and stylish vehicles. To get started, call us today at 321-945-3506, or book right now online to schedule your Port Canaveral limo service.

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 Port Canaveral Limousine Services

Why Hire a Port Canaveral Limo Service?

Even Orlando locals need to consider hiring a car service or taxi to get to Port Canaveral. Because there are so many people in the area, parking is exceedingly difficult, and cars would have to be abandoned for days at a time while you’re on the cruise at an expensive parking lot.

So you will need transportation to Port Canaveral. But why should you choose Port Canaveral limo services? That is because limousine service has many advantages over other forms of transportation like taxi or Uber rides, including:

  • Spacious room for your party and your luggage.
  • Luxury vehicle interiors
  • Privacy and space for conversation or resting
  • A reliable and professional driver
  • Personalized service that is accountable to your satisfaction

When you ride in an Orlando limousine or luxury vehicle, you have the opportunity to truly relax or concentrate on your trip while you ride to your cruise dock.

The Ultimate Vacation Experience

Port Canaveral is one of the most active cruise ports in North America. Located in Brevard County, FL, Port Canaveral is such a common launch point that millions of travelers from across the US fly to the port to catch their cruise ship and experience their life exploring the sea.
Port Canaveral is open to cargo and navy ships as well, but is one of the busiest cruise ports in the world and a favorite of many luxury cruise lines. About 10 ships enter the port every day on average. Some of the major cruise lines that are based out of or visit there include:

Disney Cruise Port Canaveral
Disney Cruise Line
Carnival Cruise Line
Carnival Cruise Line
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
Norwegian Cruise Line
Norwegian Cruise Line

MCO to Port Canaveral Limo Services

At Backstage Limo, we provide service to and from multiple airports in the Orlando area. Most cruise passengers heading to Port Canaveral fly into Orlando International Airport (MCO), as it is the airport with the most commercial flights. But for those on private charters or headed to Orlando from regional flights, you may find yourself at any of the many smaller airports that serve the region.

We can assist you with your transfer to Port Canaveral from any airport in the Greater Orlando area, no matter if you’re flying via commercial airline or if you have booked your own private jet charter.

No matter which airport you use as your destination, we can help you transfer in a private limo in comfort and style to and from your destination to Port Canaveral.

We keep track of when each of our client’s flights is arriving, so that even if you’re delayed, we’ll show up right when you get there so you can start towards Port Canaveral as soon as possible.

When you ride with us, you’ll receive advantages that include:


Why Ride With Backstage Limo?

Along with the general benefits of taking a limousine service to Port Canaveral, Backstage Limo goes above and beyond for its passengers in a way that sets us apart from our competitors.

Please contact us for further information about our limousine services and to book your vehicle before your next cruise.

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