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Fundraiser Events

Fundraiser Events Limousine

Fundraiser events are one of the most glamorous events who are attended by the likes of politicians, influential business people, VIPs and celebrities. You are already asking for donations from all these important people and inviting them to spend their valuable time at your event, so you can’t really expect them to organize their own transportation as well. Matter of fact, if they are doing you the favor of attending and donating, providing quality transportation is the least you can do.
If you want your fundraising event to be really glamorous and impeccably organized, you should rent a luxurious limo for your guests. Plus, you can’t expect a VIPs and celebrities to come in any other car that is not a limo. Having your guests take care of their own transportation will inevitably result in late arrivals, parking troubles and potentially a chaos at the red carpet and the entrance.

Drivers That You Can Rely On

You can leave your important guests in the safe hands of our experienced drivers. They are professionals with years of experience who have been driving businesspeople and celebrities numerous times. Extremely polite and well mannered, our chauffeurs will always make sure that your attendees are safe and comfortable. All you have to do is give us your itinerary of guests as well as information on when and where they need to be picked up and we will take care of the rest. We promise to have your guests at your fundraising party in time and perfectly coordinated with our other limos. No waiting, no rushing and no unpredicted situations will happen with us.

Vehicles For Your Every Guest

We are one of the few limo services that have such diverse fleet that you can pick a different vehicle for each of your guests. We have elegant Mercedes and Lincoln sedans which are perfect for the business people. We have Chevrolet and Escalade SUVs if your guests are bringing their families with them. We have glamorous black and white Lincoln and Hummer stretch limos for the celebrities coming to your event and luxury vans for larger groups traveling together. All our vehicles are well-maintained so you don’t have to worry about providing your guests with a superb service.

Easy Reservation And Good Prices

You can book your fundraiser limos right away through our website or by calling our phone. Our friendly staff will answer to your request in no time with price quotes. If you agree with our offer, we will proceed immediately to organize all the details and agree on your schedule.
We want your fundraiser to be perfectly coordinated and according to plan and schedule. Being in the business for 20 years, our staff shows outstanding managerial capabilities that some of the big events require. Our dispatchers will constantly communicate with our drivers to make sure they are at the right place at the right time and that everything is going according to the plan.
Your fundraiser event is the day when you’re trying to reach a higher goal and give back to society and you shouldn’t let stress take over. We will take the burden of transportation from your shoulders, so you can leave this part of the event to us.
We promise your guests will be nicely welcomed, treated like royalty and have all the privacy they need. Satisfied and stress-free guests will be in good mood at your event and do their best to make their attendance count.
Fundraiser events are our favorite kind of service – we finally have the opportunity to show our expertise to those who are most demanding and we help give back to the society.

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