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Orlando Airport Travel Guide – Backstage Limo Service

Orlando Airport Travel Guide - BackStage
13 Jun 17

Backstage Limousine is in the transportation business, and nowhere is transportation more important than with airport travel. Any time you head to or from an airport in Orlando, you need to find a ride, as long term parking is both expensive and stressful. That’s why we offer some of the most affordable and efficient limousine services available in all of Orlando, FL.

But for those that are traveling for the first time, we also know that transportation is probably not your primary concern. Your primary concern is where to travel in the first place, and what to expect when you get there. That is why we have created this Orlando airport travel guide, a short cheat sheet that you can use to get a better idea of what to expect at each airport.

Airports in Orlando and Their Descriptions

Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Orlando International Airport is the primary and most frequented airport in all of Orlando. In 2016,

nearly 40,000,000 passengers onboarded or deplaned at MCO, making it the second most frequented airport in all of Florida, and in the top 20 for the United States.

This is the primary airport for Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, and even Port Canaveral. There are other airports in and near Florida, but chances are that if you book any flight from Southwest, JetBlue, Delta, or any other major airline, it is going to go to Orlando International.
The following are some important facts about MCO:

  • Busiest routes are to/from Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Newark.
  • MCO sees nearly 1,000,000 passengers to and from Brazil, Canada, and Panama.
  • Eateries include Bananas, Asian Chao, Brioche Doree, Fresh Attractions, and Much More.


Orlando Sanford International Airport

Although not as busy or as populated as MCO, the Orlando Sanford International Airport is consistently in the top 30 of overall airport takeoffs and landings. That number is a tad misleading, however, as the airport – known as SFB – is also a training school for Delta.

The only major airline for Orlando Sanford is Allegiant Air, which traffics passengers from Cincinnati, Toledo, Little Rock, San Antonio, and dozens of other locations. Allegiant is known for their smaller, less frequently traveling planes, which is why despite handling over 2,700,000 passengers, SFB’s busiest city is Allentown, Pennsylvania, with only 51,000 passengers.

Dining options are more sparse, but the Budweiser Tap Room is large and popular on busier days.

Orlando-Melbourne International Airport

Known as MLB but with no relation to baseball, the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport flies in and out of Melbourne, Florida, and is a bit of a distance from the Orlando city center. Nevertheless, it sees 167,000 passengers per year from Atlanta, Georgia, 47,000 passengers from Charlotte, NC, and a whopping 3,000 passengers from Portland, ME.

Still, while the airport is not popular for general aviation, it is very popular for private jets and private travel – many of whom want to avoid the intensity of the more popular airports. Dining options are sparse at MLB, but there is the Runaway Grille. MLB also has a pet relief area.

Daytona Beach International Airport

Daytona Beach International Airport would be a bit of a departure from the Orlando area, but it’s also a common place for both general aviation, some commercial travel, and plane relocations with MCO is full. It has several aviation schools, and serves some major national commercial airliners, including:

  • Delta
  • JetBlue
  • US Airways
  • American

It’s still not necessarily a busy airport overall. Atlanta once again represents the most passengers with 224,000, but given its proximity to Daytona and Orlando, it remains a common choice for those that have plans beyond the theme parks.

Orlando Executive Airport

OEA, or Orlando Executive Airport, is a general aviation airport best known for private travel. It was recently in the news as a result of a plane running over an errant alligator, but OEA is much more than that, as it is a common landing destination for executive and corporate travel.

It has the distinction of being very close to the city/business center, and while it is a small airport, it is regularly the destination for private aircraft.

Backstage Limousine Serves All Orlando Airports

Regardless of which airport you fly into, Backstage Limousine is here to help. We are a full service limo rental company with trained and experienced drivers, servicing Central Florida’s leading airports. For more information about any of our services, please contact us today.

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