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What is the Best Way to Get to Universal Studios From Orlando Airport for Family of 6?

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10 Mar 17

Few people like airports. They’re uncomfortable, crowded, busy, and – if you’re also not fond of flying – don’t give you much of an opportunity to de-stress when it’s all over. One of the issues that makes airports even worse is transportation. You still need to get to your hotel or AirBnb, and that can often be an incredible hassle.

Yet for those traveling alone, it’s not always as difficult. You can hail a cab and possibly get to your destination in only a few minutes. But what if you’re traveling to Universal Studios with a family? Or, perhaps more importantly, what if you need transportation from Orlando Airport to Universal Studios with a family of 6 or more?

Best Way to Get to Universal Studios

Your Options for Universal Studios Shuttle Service

On option is a shuttle. Depending on your hotel, they may offer a hotel shuttle that can pick you up and take you to where you’ll be staying. But these have many problems:

Your Options for Universal Studios Shuttle Service
  • They Take a Long Time – Depending on when you arrive, it can take 30 minutes to an hour for the shuttle to show up (if it shows up at all). In hot or rainy Orlando weather, this can be trouble for a big family.
  • They’re Crowded – Some shuttles are empty. But others are packed together. Depending ont eh size of the shuttle, they may not even have enough room.
  • They’re Uncomfortable – You just got off a plane. You want to relax. It’s hard to relax with a family of 6 in a shuttle.

Similarly, you arrived in Orlando to have an amazing experience. Your family and friends are probably tired and uncomfortable, and waiting for an uncomfortable Orlando airport shuttle service is likely not ideal.

Indeed, the larger your family, the more other forms of transportation are no longer viable:

  • You can’t get in a taxi with 6 people.
  • You can’t easily order an Uber for 6 people.

And none of those options will provide that relaxing, magical experience that you hoped for when taking your family to Universal Studios Florida.

An Orlando Airport Limo Service – A Better Option

Rather than shuttle from Orlando Airport to Universal Studios, consider the idea of scheduling your own Orlando limousine. At Backstage Limousine, or Orlando limo rentals come in a variety of sizes, including stretch limos, Hummer limos, and many other forms of luxury transportation, all of which easily fit a family of 6, and are a great way to get from Orlando Airport to Universal Studios, or wherever your hotel or destination may be.

Limousines to Universal Studios Orlando give you and your family something to genuinely smile about when you get off the plane. Your limousine will:

  • Be There On Time – You don’t have to wait hours for a shuttle, looking at every one that drives up wondering if that’s the one you need.
  • Fit Your Whole Family – Find the limo size that is right for your family AND your luggage, and you’ll still have plenty of room for moving around.
  • Provide a Relaxing Escape – The smiles of your family can wear off quickly after arriving in Orlando if you have to wait outside for a shuttle. In a limo, however, the luxurious experience will make getting off the plane even more exciting.
An Orlando Airport Limo Service – A Better Option

These are only some of the many reasons that, when traveling with a family of 6 or more, it simply makes more sense to consider something like a fun, interesting, and luxurious limousine over an unreliable shuttle, or other forms of transportation that may be more expensive and won’t fit your family.

If you’re interested in learning more about the limousines available, or you’d like to book your own limo to get from Orlando Airport to Universal Studios (and all the nearby hotels), please contact Backstage Limousine today. Schedule your appointment soon, because times can book up very quickly.

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