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Modern and Classic Limousines to Choose From

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18 Mar 17

When getting ready for a special occasion or trip that you will be hiring a limousine for it is important to know whether you will need a modern or classic limo. There are literally thousands of reasons to hire a limousine. Some just want to get away and spend a relaxing night on the town. No having to worry about driving anywhere and parking. By hiring a limo for this reason you have reduced the stress of having to fight traffic and park. Once you are finished with your evening, the driver of the limousine just brings you right back home.

Modern Limousines Overview

Modern limousines are those limos that you see going down the highway but they are not those that you are used to seeing. For instance, the newest stretch Hummer would be considered a modern limousine. Other limousines that fall into the “modern limousine” category are:

  • Mercedes Benz
  • Hummer
  • Conversion Buses

The more modern vehicles also have more in them than the conventional or classic limousines. Buses that have been converted will often have fold down tables on the backs of the seats for working. These are also the same buses known as corporate buses. Many people see these types of buses at the airport picking up business people. These buses can also be seen as large business conventions or expos.

New stretch Hummer vehicles are considered modern limos and are used for events such as corporate transportation, weddings and nights on the towns. Of course, as with any other type of limousine rental, the cost will vary depending on how many people, the hours needed for transportation and the vehicle you choose.

Classic Limousine Overview

The classic limousines are those vehicles that we would normally envision at weddings, proms and traditional events. We also picture classic limousines as those we see in the movies. A long stretch limousine pulls up and the rich person steps out.

Classic limousines can be used for almost any event and vary in size. If you are having a smaller wedding or functional, there is a classic limousine that will fit your needs.

The types of limousines can be used to go out on the town, proms, weddings and corporate events. These limousines will also vary in price. The same factors that were listed above also pertain to these. The cost will depend on the size of the party requesting transportation, the choice of vehicles and the rental hours needed.

Modern or Classic Limousine

The choice of vehicle that you would like for hire really comes down to personal choice. If you are a business person and want to impress a new client maybe the more modern limo would be best. Or, if you are planning a wedding and it is a more classic event the classic limo would be best.

Modern or classic limousines are available at most limousine companies. As with any type of rental it is important to know what vehicles they have to offer. Having the choice of vehicles explained to you will help you to come to an informed decision.

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