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Orlando Airport Limo: 17 Steps to Book a Limo for Vacations, Events

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18 Mar 17

Limos are considered the height of luxury transportation. More relaxing than a taxi and more luxurious than an Uber and Lyft, a limousine is a great way to provide yourself, your loved ones, your coworkers, or your clients with a type of transportation that is both memorable and fulfilling.

But there are also many considerations to make before you can rent a limo in Orlando. The following are the steps that you need to take to figure out how to rent an Orlando limousine for vacations, events, and more.

Step 1: Figure out What the Transportation is For


The first thing you have to is figure out what the limousine is going to be used for. There are so many different types of limousines – those that are best for a quick airport limo transfer, those that are designed for luxury, etc. – and knowing the purpose of your limousine will give you a chance to evaluate what type of limousine you’ll need.

Step 2: Figure out How Many People Will Be Riding


The next step is to determine how many people will need that transportation.

For example, in an Orlando wedding limo, you may be transferring only the bride and groom, or you may be transporting all of your friends and family, or you may be transporting your wedding party and a photographer.

With a date night limousine, you may be double dating or it may just be you and your partner, etc.

Knowing exactly the number of people that will be riding, and figuring out the max amount of people that you’ll need in your limousine is helpful for choosing your fleet and your limo rental.

Step 3: Figure out What the Riders Will Need


You’ll also need to figure out what the riders will need in their Orlando limousine.

For example, if it’s a corporate limo for an executive and one of their staff members, they may need space to work, or they may have other guests pop in the limo, or they may not need anything at all and are looking to save the most money for the company.

Bachelorette parties may need privacy, date nights may need romance – these are the considerations that you’ll want to make with your limo rental.

Step 4: Figure out How Long You’ll Need It


Time is a factor when it comes to limo rentals. Most Orlando limousine companies have a guaranteed minimum number of hours (although not always). But you’ll also want to consider what you may need it for in the future.

Is it possible you will want the limo all night? Do you only need it briefly for a quick transportation?

Giving yourself a liberal estimate in how much time you’ll need the limo can help play a role in your decision, and your ability to book accurately.

Step 5: Figure out What Vibe You’re Hoping For


There are so many different kinds of limos, and even the interior of the limos may be designed differently for each purpose.

So you’ll want to ask yourself – when you (or anyone that rides in the limo) walk away from the experience, what were you hoping to feel?

For example:

You may have a different goal for your limo as well – for example, some people prefer the party atmosphere for their wedding limos.

These are all feelings that should be factored into which limo is best for your event.

Step 6: Figure out Where You Plan to Go


Where you’re going also matters.

For example, some of the most common limo rentals in Orlando are to go to the attractions, such as Universal Studios Florida, SeaWorld Orlando, Busch Tampa Gardens, etc.

If you are looking for a limousine to take you between attractions, such as a trip from Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park to Epcot to Magic Kingdom Park to Disney’s Hollywood Studios all in a single day, you may need a limousine that is more affordable and one that can wait for you at each location.

But if you need the limousine only for a single employee event and simply need it to transfer a large number of people from one location to another, perhaps a larger party bus or luxury van may make more sense in context.

Knowing where you plan to go will affect your ride.

Step 7: Determine Your Budget


Every fleet vehicle has a different price based on size, desirability, and operating costs.

In some cases, you may want your budget to help determine which trip is best for you. For example, a simple trip to Disneyworld in Orlando for you and your family’s vacation may benefit from a more affordable vehicle to provide a special experience without the high cost.

But for those that may be treating a special guest to a wedding event, are on a vacation for their honeymoon in Orlando, it may make sense to get the most memorable and desirable limousine available.

Knowing the budget you have on hand can help determine the ideal limo for your trip.

Step 8: Figure out Your Personal Preference


Above all else, personal preference matters – especially if the limousine is for your own experience.

Be sure and look at the range of vehicles available to see which one appeals most to you:

There are also variations in between these types of vehicles depending on brand and model, and of course you are not limited to the vehicle that suits your party. Some of the most romantic date nights are for 2 to 4 people inside one of the largest and most luxurious Hummer Limos, for example.

Make sure you’ve let your own preferences guide you.

Step 9: Finding the Limousine Company


Now that you know all of this information, you’ll want to find the best Orlando limo service for vacations and events. Look for a company, like Backstage Limousine, that has excellent reviews, a huge fleet, affordable prices and – above all else – reliability. It is very important you choose a company that is guaranteed to honor your schedule and be there when you need them.

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Step 10: Book


Take all of the information that you have gathered and created, and book with your limo company.

Some Orlando limousine services allow you to book online, while others require a phone call. Do whichever is most comfortable for you.

Step 11: Look for Your Confirmation


Always make sure that you receive some type of confirmation, whether it’s an email or a number. Make note of that confirmation somewhere in case you need to reference it later.

Step 12: Note the Details


Make note of who you called, who you spoke with, and what details you gave them.

It’s not uncommon to schedule limousines well in advance of the event or vacation, and so it’s easy to forget which company you called – especially if you shopped around before you made the phone call. Write down:

  • Company Name
  • Phone Number
  • Booking Date/Time
  • Vehicle Scheduled

Don’t let time cause you to forget the details of the company that you’re using for your limo.

Step 13: Let Everyone Know


Unless it is a surprise, you’ll want everyone to know all of these details, where you’ll be meeting, when, and so on. It is important that everyone is available for the appointment when it arises, and the only way that everyone will be there is if it is properly scheduled.

Make sure you’ve also scheduled it yourself, with a reminder that it’s coming up so that you do not forget your booking.

Step 14: Check In


As you get closer to the date, it is always a good idea to check with the limo company and make sure your reservation is still available.

While companies like Backstage Limousine organize limo rentals extremely well, if you used a lesser known company, their reservation system may not be as advanced as those used by the top limo rentals in Orlando.

It is always a good idea to make sure that your reservation is still ready to go.

Step 15: Ask For Your Driver’s Name/Contact


During that phone call, if you haven’t yet received your driver’s name and contact information, make sure you get it. You’ll want to be able to easily reach the driver if something happens that changes the plans, or if you cannot seem to locate them.

It is also a good idea to make sure that they have an accurate phone number for you.

Step 16: Make Any Changes if Necessary


If there is anything else that you have to complete in order to finalize your experience, it is a good idea to make those changes. This may mean stocking the limo with any specific items you may need, choosing music, or changing your plans in some way.

Make sure that each and every possible need is addressed and accounted for.

Step 17: Final Check


The last step is to make sure everything is ready and organized the day of the limo travel.

Your Orlando limousine company is always going to make it to your location on time, but you want to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your limousine rental is ready to pick you and your party up, and assist you with everything you need to do.

It is recommended that you confirm roughly 3 hours before the scheduled pickup.

Book an Orlando Limousine Today

Perfect for vacations and events, Orlando limousines are a great way to turn any normal event into a special one, and using the steps above, you can successfully book a limo experience that you and your party are sure to remember.

If you’re interested in booking an Orlando limousine, contact Backstage Limousine today.

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