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Get Your Party Started with an Orlando Night Out Limo Service

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04 May 17

Get Your Party Started with an Orlando Night Out Limo Service


Orlando has some of the best attractions in the world. But Orlando is also so much more than the attractions. It is a big city – one with many great restaurants, tons of concerts, several sports teams, and a variety of fun outdoor activities.

It is also great for nightlife. Orlando nightlife is popular with both locals and tourists, and those that want a night out on the town often enjoy taking advantage of the many sights and sounds that Orlando has to offer.


Best Clubs in Orlando, FL

For those that want to dance the night away, Orlando has a variety of dance clubs that are fun for you and any of your friends. Some of the best dance clubs to try out include:

  • Blue Martini
  • Backbooth
  • Independent Bar
  • Body//Talk Party
  • Vyce Lounge

Many of these also double as lounges, giving you a chance to relax with your friends before getting back on the dance floor. These are some of the highest rated clubs in the area, and each one offers an ambiance that is guaranteed to make your party more special.


Best Bars in Orlando

If you’re not much of a dancer, or you’re in the mood to pre-funk before you head to the clubs, the bars in Orlando are also highly popular with both visitors and locals. Some of the bars you may want to check out first include:

  • The Thirsty Topher
  • Norman’s
  • Lil Indies
  • The Courtesy
  • Tap and Grind

Many of these bars have a great vibe to them, interesting drinks, and often some food bites for those that need something to eat. The list of bars and lounges in Orlando is extensive because it is one of the most popular travel spots for partying in the region.


Best Night Activities in Orlando

Every once in a while, you may find yourself wanting to do some type of activity – especially when you spent the day at a theme park and you’re not ready to sit and relax yet. For those that want to do a bit more than a bar or club, there are several late night activities in Orlando, including:

  • Kings Bowl
  • Saks Comedy Club
  • Universal CityWalk
  • The Outa Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show
  • Player 1 Video Game Bar

Each of these places is open late, making it a great choice for those that want to do a little bit more than just drink in order to enjoy their evening. There are also plenty of pool parlors, sports bars, and so much more for those that want to keep the night more active.


Why You Should Consider an Orlando Night Out Limo Service

You can have a nice night out in Orlando with little effort. But if you want to have an AMAZING night out, you may want something more.

Consider your own private limo. Those that want to have a truly amazing experience often find that they can do so with a night out limo from Backstage Limousine. That is because your own private limo has several advantages that other forms of transportation cannot offer, including:

  • Immediate, Available Travel – Once you book an Orlando limousine, our team works for you. We pick you and your party up at your locations, wait for you when you’re in the bar, and are available immediately to go to the next location. You don’t have to wait for an Uber or call a taxi. Our team is always there instantly, and can take you anywhere you want to go next.
  • No Designated Driver – No one wants to be the DD during the night, and with a limo service, you can make sure that all of you can safely enjoy the night while getting to your destinations.
  • Larger Transportation – If you’re traveling with a larger party, you’ll often find that you need to call multiple cabs, or try to organize the night together. With a limo from Backstage Limousine, all of you can travel in one vehicle, and you don’t have to waste time organizing rides.
  • Keep the Party Going – Transportation can quickly be a buzzkill. When you’re stuck in a cab or driving to your next location, it’s not uncommon to feel slow, tired, and not necessarily interested in the next place. But in a limo, you can keep the party going, so your transportation becomes a part of your night.
  • Something Special – For those in town for a short time, or those that are unable to venture out that often, a limo is also something special. It is something different that has the potential to make an ordinary night into an extraordinary one. That’s something that no other forms of transportation can offer.

Even for locals, an Orlando limousine makes the night more special. Imagine your entire group, traveling together, partying in the vehicle, and able to enjoy the whole night – no sitting, no waiting, and no down time. At the end of the night, you have a trusted driver that can take everyone in the party home together, ensuring that your night ends the right way.


Call Backstage Limo Today

It is for all of these reasons that a night on the town with Backstage Limousine is simply a better night. It is also surprisingly affordable, especially with larger groups, and provides a personalized service that you simply do not get with other methods of travel.

For more information about Backstage Limousine, or why we are a great choice for your night on the town adventure, please call us today at (321) 945-3506.


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