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10 Best Places And Events In Orlando to Visit

06 Nov 18

Orlando Florida is heaven on Earth for any tourist out there looking for diverse fun – from amusement parks to deep exploration of local nature preserves. You will find plenty of things to do, no matter if you are staying for one day only or a whole week.

Even if you have never visited Orlando, you probably know some of its most popular tourist destinations like Walt Disney World or you have at least heard of the Orlando Magic NBA team.

Not everybody who visits Orlando wants to see the same things, so we did our best to make the most diverse selection of places and events so that there is something for everyone.

If by any chance, you want to visit all of these places or you feel like you wouldn’t know your way around Orlando – the best possible solution would be to book a comfortable limo to take you from one point of interest to the next.

  1. Walt Disney World – There is hardly anyone in the world who hasn’t heard of the Disney World and made a wish to visit this well-known amusement park. Children and their parents alike stick around for days or weeks in order to experience everything that Disney World has to offer. It is simply a place where all your childhood dreams come true. You can make your Disney World experience even better if you just book an Orlando limo service to pick you up from your hotel, Orlando airport or Port Canaveral.
  2. Universal Orlando Resort – If Disney World turns your childhood dreams into reality, Universal Studios turns your grown-up fantasies to life. You can be surrounded by worlds of such movie blockbusters like Harry Potter, Despicable Me and Christmas adventures and other holidays themed parks. Since it’s always sunny in Florida, you can enjoy the aquaparks any time of the year.
  3. Kennedy Space Center – For anyone who is interested in space exploration, Kennedy Space Center will be the most important place to visit, once they reach Orlando. You can find out more about the Moon landing, exploration of Mars, Hubble telescope and so on. Visit the United States Astronauts Hall of Fame and Rocket Garden.
  4. Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts – This is THE place in Orlando to see all kinds of entertainment and cultural events. From concerts of superstars like Andrea Bocelli to ballets like Nutcracker, operas and comedy shows – this is the place where all the big events happen.
  5. The Florida Mall – If you can’t imagine a tourist visit without returning home with something special from the local stores, there is no better destination than The Florida Mall. All the big name brands like Coach, GAP and Michael Kors have their stores here, so feel free to take a walk around the Florida Mall and choose your souvenirs.
  6. Swamp Tours – Few experiences in life can compare to the swamp tours or be more precise riding an airboat at full speed across the endless Florida marshes. Sports, wildlife, nature and that incredible adrenalin rush all come into one once you take your place on the boat. You can share it with other visitors or schedule your own private tour.
  7. Port Canaveral – If you are coming to Orlando on a cruise ship, Port Canaveral will be your first stop, but if you are not, you should not miss a chance to see one of the biggest ports in Florida and United States in general. Marvel at the gigantic cruise ships and world-famous cruise lines, go camping or fishing and just enjoy everything that port of this size has to offer.
  8. Crystal River – This nature preserve is not in Orlando, but it’s so close (some hour and a half away) that you should not miss it. This is where you can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience of swimming with manatees and enjoying the crystal clear river waters.
  9. Orlando Magic Game – Don’t head home without enjoying at least one Orlando Magic game. One of the best NBA teams of all times and the team of the world famous player Shaquille O’Neal is bound to entertain you and rise your sports spirits through the roof once you take your seat at the Amway Center. Oh, and this is a great opportunity to visit the famous Amway Center.
  10. Gatorland – Another symbol of Florida is definitely the alligator. To honor its most important wildlife animal, they opened Gatorland where you can learn more about these amazing creatures, enjoy some activities like zip lining (over the alive alligators) or gator watching during the night.



These are just ten of the most interesting places and events Orlando has to offer, but there is plenty more.

Feel free to book our Disney World limo service or other Orlando limo service offers to take you to the place you want to visit, but you can also book us for your Orlando tours and trips to locations outside of Orlando like Crystal Waters.

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